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Reykjavík Kabarett is a cabaret collective whose goal is to strengthen the variety scene in Reykjavík. The group focuses on variety show with a mix of burlesque and vaudeville, and each member of the collective brings different things to the table:  There are burlesque performers, a clown, a magician, a musician, artist, actress drag artist and a circus performer, you can read more about each performer by the photos above. These talents come together to form a great variety show where sexuality and humour play a big part.

Reykjavík Kabarett put up it’s first production in October 2016. Each production is only shown three to four times and we are proud to inform that every show of Reykjavík Kabarett has been sold out. Eventually Reykjavík Kabarett is aiming for weekly shows. To see a list of our performances, both solo and as a collective, , click next gigs.

Below is a trailer for our next show. More photos and videos can be found through the menu above.