want to play in reykjavik/iceland?

The scene in Iceland is very small, but the audience is amazing and is catching on. Reykjavík is not a town of different variety shows every night. Reykjavík Kabarett does not have steady shows, yet, but we are producing shows more and more frequently. The variety scene in Reykjavík is quite drag-driven, but it welcomes all sorts of variety.


At this point we have about 60 international performers on a waiting list wanting to perform with us. In the very beginning we needed foreign artists to elevate the shows but now the scene is becoming strong so we are focusing on local artists at the moment, because they get limited chances of performing in variety shows. Our 2019 shows are full to the brim.


However: We are not alone in this magical scene of Reykjavík. Here is a list of different variety shows and other good people to reach out to in Reykjavík/Iceland. Iceland pretty much runs on Facebook, so don't be afraid to reach out to people through that medium.

The Reykjavík Fringe Festival will take place for the second time in July 2019. It is a growing festival and we encourage people with variety shows to apply. Applications are open until March 14th.



The first Icelandic Circus. They are not huge on getting guests, but why not try your luck? They both have family shows and adult shows.



Hringleikur is a new neo-circus collective. They have not put up shows yet, but they are lovely people that have guested in our shows.


Gaukurinn is home of a lot of drag shows and variety entertainment. They book shows, not individual performers. Staff and bookers are lovely. Only place with a "curtain" in Iceland. 


During the summer months, Miss Mokki, our mother travels around Iceland with burlesque shows with a mix of international and local artists. Shows 2019 are full. 


Coney Iceland is an Icelandic American side show collective that produces shows around the world in collaboration with The Squidling Brothers. Axel Diego is the contact person for Coney Iceland.


A queer variety night. They have monthly shows in Gaukurinn in Reykjavík and a monthly newbie night called Drag Lab. A lot of performers that have performed with us do Dragsúgur the week before or the following week. Drag-súgur is a big family and are pioneers in Neo Drag and their standards are high. They are open to all sorts of entertainers, so don't be afraid to contact them. 


If you have a full blown show, Tjarnarbíó is a lovely venue. An old theater in the heart of downtown, seating for just under 200 people and a perfect spot for magic. They take a large chunk of income but theur facilities are worth it.


Loft Hostel hosts a variety of events and is very keen on getting variety entertainment. They book shows, not individual performers. Unfortunately you cannot charge entrance fee, but Loft will pay performers. 


A burlesque collective made up of students of our mother, Miss Mokki. They have been performing for a year and do a montly show. They have a dedicated following, but like us have a long waiting list of people wanting to perform with them. They are a dream to work with!



Rauða skáldahúsið mixes poetry, burlesque, variety and live music. They put up their shows every two-three months, and are eager to put more burlesque in their shows. Please note that this show is a passion project of people in the scene so there is usually no money involved.



Kiki Queer bar has lots of entertainmaint. It is mostly drag driven but can accommodate variety and burlesque.


Iðnó is another old theater downtown that has a great cabaret vibe. They do not book individual performers, but shows.